Aleo HEP is the first foray into energy business by AMHPL and has the distinction of having been built in a record time of 13 months. Aleo HEP is the fastest project in its class ever constructed in India .

Aleo HEP was allotted to AMHPL by H.P. Energy Development Agency in March 2001. Aleo HEP is a run of river scheme near Manali town in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The scheme uses 1.33 cumec discharge of Allain Nala by developing a head of 290.4 M for 3000 KW generation, in Aleo village close to Manali. The scheme will generate 28 million KWH yearly during its first four years of operation & 13 Million KWH annually afterwards. The power generated is fed into 33KV H.P.S.E.B Grid Sub Station at Prini, 1.75 KM from Aleo HEP. Power purchase agreement for 40 years has been signed with H.P.S.E.B for Sale of power @2.50 per KWH.

Work of detailed Survey, Investigation & Preparation of Detailed Project Report was carried out by M/s Small Hydro Engineers Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (SHC).


• MOU with Government of Himachal Pradesh signed in March 2001.

• Detailed Project Report submitted for approval in October 2001.

• Techno-economic clearance accorded by H.P.S.E.B in January 2002.

• Implementation Agreement signed with Govt of Himachal Pradesh in October 2002.

• Power Purchase Agreement signed with HPSEB in June 2004.

• Construction began in July 2004

• ALEO HEP commissioned in August 2005

• AMHPL has applied for a 5 MW project in Himachal Pradesh which is expected to start construction in 2007.

• AMHPL has identified two projects of total capacity of 12 MW which are expected to start construction in 2009.

• AMHPL is in the process of preparing to bid for projects aggregating 81 MW.